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Hi Folks,
Well, “The Jeanie Johnston Musical” is gaining momentum and is on its way.
I have been doing radio interviews and working on the story and will be doing
some new videos in the next few weeks which I will share.
Hope everyone is coping during these difficult times!The Good Old Days

The Voyage Variation






Hello out there on these very troubled and difficult times. I hope you are all keeping well and surviving with COVID 19 and all the hardships that this has brought us. I like everyone else who has been laying low and trying to catch up on things in my life, and I was inspired many years ago by a story which I came across when I was living in Ireland about the time of the Irish Famine in the 1850s. As we are now living in a terrible time this story, is very appropriate, and I am sharing this tale with you, which was also a sad and shocking time in Ireland. I have been working on this musical as we all have had a lot of time on our hands and I’m hoping that my time spent on this project with have been worthwhile. I will be sharing many snippets of the beautiful songs from the musical, with a view to getting a big momentum going, so we can get the musical “off the ground” and on the stage. Please be patient and for the next few weeks I will be sharing some of the storyline and plenty of the original songs for you to enjoy! Please share with your friends’, let us get this musical sailing, and when this terrible blight that we are in, ends, we can see this musical “live” on stage at a venue! More coming soon. Stay tuned!

“It all started when I was off with a camera crew and they were filming a music video in the West of Ireland, in Kerry. We were invited to go onboard a ship, a replica of a frigate called the “Jeanie Johnston”.  I went on board the ship and to my surprise, the story behind this barque was incredible. (You can google the Jeanie Johnston, Ireland). It was used as a cargo vessel to bring hardware and goods from Canada to a wealthy Irish merchant in Kerry, and he had this for many years, however, when the potato blight hit Ireland, in the 1850s, it was used as a ship to help the poor and distressed people to start a new life in America. At that time the population of Ireland was eight-plus million, (England had twelve plus million) This Famine caused the most severe devastation ever in Ireland. Ireland was a poor country under British rule and the potato was the main food substance of the Irish people, and as the blight destroyed Ireland’s main nourishment coupled with the poverty, it was consternation. Over a million people died and over a million people fled the country to America, Australia and England. Ireland would never be the same again and the Irish influence in America, Australia would be huge!”

 “So here’s the plan, I am sharing a taste of two of the songs today, “The Jeanie Johnston Overture” and “And the Ship Sails On”, to give you a taste of the musical. On Friday I will share two more of the songs and some more insight into a musical, so in order to get this project off the ground, I need you to share this with all your friends, and please send me an email at howard@howardcollins.com that you have shared and I will send you the full songs of the day, instead of the snippets for you to enjoy. They are all original songs. My goal is to get a momentum going so I can organise a stage show of the musical with live actors and Irish dancers, and myself as the narrator.”

“My story starts in rural Ireland, around 1821, in a small coastal town in the West of Ireland in  Kerry, on the sea. It is a normally quiet place with both rich and poor living together and a happy place to be in. A handsome would-be farmer arrives and soon falls in love with the lovely Jean O’Sullivan, and the scene is set in, where else, the local pub, the most important place to be, to drink, to meet, to have what we call the “craic”, in Gaelic, which loosely translates as “fun”.

 I did an interview yesterday with Jan Kenneddy at 2SSR radio, 99.7 FM, all about the Jeanie Johnston Musical,  I have downloaded it to share with you! Hope you enjoy it?”
Hi Folks,

I did another interview to promote the Jeanie Johnston on Triple U in Nowra and will share it with you in the next several days. I have also done three new Jeanie Johnston videos and also will be sharing with you in several days. I have been recording new music for the musical. Here is a sample;

Jeanies Lament

You Made Me a Better Man

The storyline is also coming along! I have been buying props and am looking forward to be able to tell you when the “Ship will sail on it’s Maiden Outing”, for all to see!

Radio interview on Triple U FM Nowra.


The Jeanie Johnston Overture

The Voyage

Moments of Time

So here is the second installment of the “Jeanie Johnston Musical”, with “Moment in Time”, a love song with James Johnston, who has come to Kerry from Glasgow, to start a new life and meets the woman of his dreams! He’s singing to Jean O’Sullivan, at the start of a happy and beautiful love story! The next song, The voyage is about to get under way and the narrator and the cast sing this song!

Just Sail Away




Introducing Howard Collins Great New Shows For 2020

Originally from Dublin, Howard Collins is a seasoned entertainer and songwriter who has performed in renowned venues throughout Europe, US and Asia, at corporate & private functions, clubs, on television and the live musical stage.
Howard has developed a wide range of very entertaining shows featuring popular music from Swing and Golden Oldies through to the Musicals, Rock’n’Roll, Pop, Rock, Dance, the Beatles, Christmas and Valentine’s Day to easy listening standards, ballads and light jazz.
Howards shows can be performed with his own band, as a duo or solo. His versatile vocal range and broad repertoire allows for diversity in musical styles and an ability to develop shows for any occasion.


Howard’s new album, “Nothing Ventured”

will be coming out soon featuring some great new tracks, check out some snippets, “You Just ran outta Time”, “Lets Talk About marriage” & “No Hay Besos Para Mi”.  Listen Now


If anyone can laugh at themselves it’s the Irish. Load up with lots of handkerchiefs, you’re going to laugh yourself to tears with the Irish Rogues.
Enjoy some of the greatest songs from the 60’s – the Pop Songs, the Beautiful Ballads, Swing and Latin songs and some great medleys from the era.
If you love to dance, this is the show for you. From pure 50’s rock and roll through to ballads. We know how to get a party going!
C’mon, get down and boogie to some of the best music ever recorded in one of the best decades of last century!
If ole Blue Eyes and Michael Bublé are your favourites, this show will have you swaying and humming along in no time.
Howard will share some of the best Love Songs ever written with you in a romance-filled show to remember.
Book early for this great show – a mix of Classic Christmas songs, plenty of fun, merriment and even a quiz or two to entertain you and yours at this great time of year.
We cater for all occasions, from weddings, parties, corporate gatherings or birthdays - we're ready to tune up and make it a memorable evening!
Irish, Italians and Irish/Italians only invited to this show. Just joking, everyone is invited. We'll keep you posted.
Music From The Musicals
Solo, Duo or with the Howard Collins Band this is an any time of year show to delight lovers of the great musical productions.